Account Views

You can now look at feedback from the perspective of a whole account and pass in any user or account traits you want via the widget or API. You’ll see this information all through UserVoice now, highlights below.

On Suggestions

  • On the Suggestions table, use the new ‘Supporting Accounts’ column to see how many accounts support an idea.
  • When looking at a suggestion, see the list of the accounts that have asked for it.

Users & Accounts

  • Accounts now have their own table and profile page in the User’s section.
  • Look at an Account’s profile to see all the feedback from their users. Use this to prep for a call with a customer or to look at the feedback from your top accounts.

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User & Account Custom Fields

  • Pass in any traits for your users and accounts. In the past, you were limited to a few standard options but now you can create custom fields for any traits that you would like to send in; for example, industry, company size, renewal date.
  • Get advanced – export feedback with all this user and account data to segment, slice, and dice it in any analysis tool. Measure the Impact of Ideas with the Analysis Export.

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User Feedback Incorporated Into This Release

As requested by 296 of our customers

  • Allow custom account attributes / traits link
  • View all ideas, tickets, and users related to a specific company account link
  • Support custom user and account traits with the Identify feature link
  • Be able to pass user/account traits via the API link
  • Be able to export User and Account Traits link

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