Global Views & Search

We have just released global suggestion filters, views, and search. Here is how it works:

You can now filter suggestions by multiple forums and/or categories

We added a forum indicator to each suggestion in the list which also shows whether a forum is public or private.

You can now search suggestions across some or even all forums

(in combination with any other available filter)

You can now easily update and duplicate your saved views


  • The activity and moderation tab can now be used across any combination of forums and categories, too.
  • You can now receive admin notifications for specific activities across multiple forums (e.g. new suggestions, comments, or requests).
  • All your existing saved views still work
  • You can still navigate to specific forums via the forum list (or by selecting it in the new forum filter).
  • You can now export suggestions across some or all forums (and in combination with any other filter)

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