It’s easier than ever to get all your feedback into UserVoice and uncover key customer insights. You can identify the top asks from a certain type of customer or see all user feedback from a particular account.

Import Ideas

First, get all your feedback into UserVoice. Many product teams have feedback stored in a variety of places, in addition to UserVoice. Use the new feedback imports to get it all in one place.

  • Add new ideas with ‘import suggestions’ (learn more).
  • Add customers to those ideas with ‘import support/requests’ (learn more).

Import User and Account Traits

Then, tell UserVoice more about your customers.

  • Create custom fields in UserVoice for the customer traits that are most meaningful to you.
  • Upload the data for these traits with the new ‘import users’ option (learn more).


Now you can get meaningful insights for your roadmap.

For example, when looking at an Idea in UserVoice, see which accounts have asked for it and what types of customers they are.


Please note: You will need to be on one of our current plans that includes these feature. If you’re on a legacy plan or are not sure if your plan includes this, email with your account name to learn more.

User Feedback Incorporated Into This Release

  • Import Ideas link
  • Import Users (and their custom traits) link
  • Import Accounts/Companies (and their various properties) link

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